Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Bloggy Post

Okay, so I am really new to this. I have never really done much with blogging. I have a live journal account, but how often I look at it is laughable.

Anyways, so the reason that I am trying to start this blog is simple. I am Pregnant. (Today is week 10). What I am hoping to achieve with this blog, is to basically get out everything that is running through my head, and hopefully give myself some piece of mind. I hope it will get rid of the stresses that I face day to day, or atleast let me deal with them easier. I also want to do this, so that I have some kind of memory saved of this time, for me and my little one. Someday I hope to show him/her some letters I will write, and that way they will know that mommy has loved them long before they could even imagine it. And to let them know that I am doing the bast that I can for them, even if it is not enough.....

Well, since I am so far behind, I will mention what happened on the 7th of August, 2008. On that day, we went into the office of my new OB/GYN to get an ultrasound of my little kidney bean (sorry sweetie, I think that will be forever your nickname, since you were that since when we first found out you were with us.) : ) We went it, and it was agony, because they expected me to have a FULL bladder, so they could push on it with an ultrasound. I have to admitt, I wasn't as full as they wanted me to. Bumpy car ride was to blame. ugh. Anyways, moving on. Once we were inside, we signed in, and they called us back. She put the jelly on my tummy (it was warm for once), and put the ultrasound scanner thingyamajig on my tummy, and turned it on. And we could see the dark spot that was my uterus... and the little white Kidney Bean that was my baby. She pointed things out, like the little yoke sack that is feeding him/her until the umbilical cord forms, and his or her little heart... we could see his/her heart beating! I broke down in tears. This is the first time, out of three pregnancies, that I was able to see/hear that. She measured the babies size, and how many beats per minute the heart was going (156 beats per minute, which is healthy), and adjusted my due date. My new Due Date is March 22nd, 2009. (I hope the baby comes on the 21st, because then my best friend Terrilyn and I will have one more thing in common. Her first baby was born on the 21st of March. Then our babies, and me and her, will have the same birthday. August 10th for her and me, and March 21st, for our little ones.) : D

Afterwards it was hard to compose myself, but some how I did, and we went and made an appointment. We will be seeing the OB/GYN for the first appointment on September 2nd, 2008. It is taking FORVER for the 2nd to get here. But I will survive, as long as my baby does.

Anyways, now I am trying to take care of myself, by resting, drinking more fluids, cutting sugars, and eating more. Now if only I could avoid all the stress i'm under everyday. Day in and Day out. Oh well.

Anyways, more updates coming as soon as I can.