Saturday, July 31, 2010

General life

Not much is going on. Just finished my week of opening the store. I'm glad I get two days off, as I was starting to get really frustrated with stuff going on. Truly told, it was really nothing big, just lots of little things adding up over time, like everyone inability to properly sweep and mop the lobby floor. I don't want to have to do that, since its really not my job. Its night crews job to clean, morning crews job to stock. I don't think I should have to sweep and mop the floor when I get there in the morning when it is on their list of things to do NIGHTLY! *sighs* oh well.

In other news, I am doing better at getting more water in me. Wednesday I drank 32 oz, Thursday I drank 24 oz, Friday I drank 20 oz, and today I drank over 40 oz. Now, while I realize that its recommended to drink 64 oz of water daily, I have almost never done that in my life, so 40 oz of water in one day is pretty dang awesome for me. : )

Today I was attempting to read and knit and relax at Barnes and Noble for a few hours, but yeah, fell asleep in front of the fire place so decided to come home to sleep here. Haven't gone yet, but that's okay as Michael has gone out to hang out with one of his friends from work. Which I am quite enjoying. He is getting time with someone other than me, I'm getting some quite time alone (as he has taken to always wanting background noise and motion, AKA a movie or video game... Music on the computer isn't doing it for him where as it is just fine for me)... But right now the only noise I hear is the clicking of the keys and the fan going.

Today I did submit my poem "Memorial" to possibly be published in a book called "From a lullaby to Goodbye", which will be published to help people who have lost their children to SIDS, and or other things, whether it be accidents or diseases. It will be nice if it is accepted, but if not, oh well. I was going to submit a written story detailing our experiences, but between work, being tired and not feeling well and being lazy and slacking, I never got around to it. Today was the cut off for submissions. Hopefully it counted that I sent it at 11:30 PM my time, but I doubt it. Oh well. We shall see. Anyways, its the thought that counts.

I think I might go jump in the shower again, lol, as it is so freaking hot in my house. I wish I had air conditioning. All I have is this meager fan and its not doing much. Oh well. Goodnight, blogger land.

Monday, July 26, 2010

: )

Happy news last night... Looking for health insurance now, and hoping to get some soon. Also hoping that everything goes well like it did last time, well, at least up until the end. But we shall see. For now, I'm a happy Moyruh. : )

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Just won an auction on Ebay, which is like the first time I have ever done that without using the buy it now feature. I got an Ipod! So excited. Its my birthday present. : )
Happy 26!
Cant wait to get it.
But now I have been an idiot and stayed up until 3 am and have to be to work at 9 am. This is going to suck. Oh well, Thank the Lord for coffee. Will be living off of it today I think. Anyways, going to bed NOW, even though its like the fifth time Ive said that to myself in the last 2 hours... bleh.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So much for my resolution to write more on my blog in the year 2010 huh? Haven't even looked at this thing in a couple o' months. So I'm going to attempt to rectify that. I put the blogger page as number one visible book mark in Google Chrome's bookmark bar, so I see it and will be more apt to write down what I am thinking or feeling. Hopefully at least.

Not feeling so good right now, gotta get to bed so I can sleep, gottsta work today at 11 am, and its working on 2 am... So much FUN!! *rolls eyes*