Monday, November 22, 2010


yeah, its been a while. Sorry. Will try to update more.

*Laptop is down, so I dont have the big "blogger" bookmark in front of me, so I forget. Plus Im horrible at writing. I signed up for the national novel writers month thingy, got 539 words in, and promptly quit.
*Working on Christmas presents now for family. Knitted dishcloths, crocheted blankets, store bought stuffed animals for the kids, and such and such. Hopefully will finish before xmas.
*Not feeling well today, got a cold. bleh.
*Still working at Cold Stone and still a supervisor, but doing closing shifts now. Not liking it anymore and wanting to quit, but need to stay in a job so Mike can go to school and get his CNA thingy so he can quit walmart and work at the hospital. So looking for something else because im sick of the stereotypical highschool bull$h!t that is going on with the coworkers.
*Missing my mommy and wishing I could fly down and spend a couple weeks with her, but the plane ticket prices are way to expensive for that to happen... : (
*Wishing I could afford to quit and stay home and make fun things for my baby.
*Wishing I could afford to go get my nails and hair done....

One thing I am so happy to report, is our little one is doing so well now. S/he is so very active and bouncing and dancing most days for hours. : ) And today, Mike finally got to feel him/her kick. It made me so happy I almost started crying. Im so looking forward to the day she or he is born, and I can hold my sweet little bundle of joy and snuggle her and not let her go for a few hours. I really miss being a mommy.

Anyways, will try to update more often. Im 20 weeks now, it will be nice if I can update atleast once a week, but Im not going to hold my breath knowing how bad at updating I am.