Saturday, December 6, 2008

Okay, so its been a long time since updating... Sorry!

First and foremost, We just registered, and our registry is at Babies R Us. You can find it under Amber Nolan or Michael Nolan. Thanks.

Anyways, life has been fun. I was called a while back by Wal-mart, and they asked if I still wanted a job. I said yes and such, got the job, and went in for two days of orientation and then one day of "training", and then yeah.. that was it. I got a really bad cold and called in for a while (two days Mike didn't even ask, he just called in for me and let me sleep...). But while I was there at work those two days, my uterus was in so much pain by the time that I got off work that I could barely walk to the car. So my nurses said that it may be a sign that I need to be resting and taking it easy instead of working, so they told me to make a choice. My mom and Mike seconded it, so yeah. No job anymore.

My In laws, in all their love for me, brought home a cat (knowing full well that I am allergic to the cats). So, I have been sick again with it. A family practitioner Rx'd me an inhaler. Then my new OB/GYN Rx'd me another albuteral one, plus a steroids one so that I didn't have to take the albuteral one so much. I still need to fill the Rx's.

My hubby and I weren't exactly satisfied with the care I was receiving at my old OB/GYN's office (they were doing all the required things at each appointment), so we had been thinking about changing Dr's. We decided to wait until after the appointment I had scheduled with them already (the 24Th of November), and then change. We had received a phone call on the Thursday before saying that our Dr, Dr. Gordon, wouldn't see us on Monday because he wouldn't be in, but that we could either see the other Dr in the practice or a Dr that was just helping out. That was no big deal to us... We knew he was sick so we figured he had another Dr's appointment. We got into the appointment, and the nurses told us that about 3 hours before we had gotten there, Dr Gordon had passed away. The reason why they had called us on Thursday was because he hadn't been feeling well. It was quite a shock. I don't feel bad about switching now, because with Dr Gordon gone their clinic will have an overload trying to get all his patients into the other two. So yeah.

Went to the new OB/GYN. He is nice. They did everything they were supposed to do. Weight (I am 158, so have gained 12 lbs), blood pressure, urine sample, dopplered the heart beat (sorry, don't remember what it was...), and measured my tummy. I am measuring right on schedule now. I still need to go to the hospital next week to do the glucose test to make sure I am not going to develop Gestational Diabetes.

We are going to be moving to my parents house next weekend, because my IL's still have their damned cat. They still don't care that it makes me sick. So, we are moving for my health. I can't take this while I am pregnant. Mike is going to try to get into school at Snow College, so that he can get his education and try to get the VA benefits, so that he doesn't have to work a full time and a part time job for us to make ends meet while I cant work. So I will be losing my Internet access for a while, so I will be sad.

But hopefully I will be able to get into my crochet more, and have that to occupy my mind. I found a blog online about a woman who lost her little one due to being strangled by the birth cord preterm, and she is trying to make an organization that will provide care packages to hospitals to give to other families that have suffered losses, either miscarriages or still births, or infant deaths. I asked Mike if I could contribute by maybe making some baby beanies to send to this woman, so that she could put them into the care packages, so that if the families have a still born child or an infant death, they can have a hat to have pictures taken in and or something to keep long after to remember the baby by. Since we have lost two angels ourselves, he agreed. Later, after we get a little more money (pay day), I am going to by some soft yarn that is white with the multiple colors in it (pink, green, yellow, blue, etc) that is baby yarn, and find some free patterns for baby hats online, and make five and send them to her. If she has need or want of more later after I am done with that, I may volunteer for 5 or 10 more. I think it would help her, others, and myself. I am happy that Mike said I could. : )

Anyways, hopefully I will be able to update again soon. And I am going to try to get some pictures of my belly up, so at least people can see how huge I am at almost 26 weeks now.

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