Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monday's Ultrasound!

Okay, sorry that it is Wednesday now and I haven't updated, but Monday wasn't the best day. Now before you freak out, the baby is COMPLETELY healthy!

On Sunday night I just couldn't get to sleep. At all. So after like 3 or 4 hours of just laying there, I got up and went to the computer to zone out so I could sleep. I tried to go to bed again about 7 am ish (appointment wasn't until 2:30 pm), but got so sick that it just wasn't worth it to try to sleep. I kept dry heaving and coughing, and couldn't get comfy, so I just said to heck with it.

Anyways, we got to the appointment. I had them check me for a UTI which they think I have one, so I am now on meds (that are making me sick too...) to try to fix that. Then, we got to go into the ultrasound room. I climbed onto the bed, and she put the jelly on my belly. Then we started. And as we were looking at our little one, I mentioned my fears of Anacephaly (if you don't know what it is, its when the skull and brain don't form properly... its a fatal birth defect. DON'T look it up on Wikipedia if graphic pictures disturb you...) due to the fact of taking a medicine that can cause it really easily up until about 7 weeks long, just because I didn't know I was pregnant. Well, she showed us our babies little head and skull, and told us that what we were seeing we WOULDN'T see if our little one had the condition... SO, that means that our little guy or girl is okay! She went through and showed us his/her little hands and feet, the arms and legs, the spine, the internal organs (the heart looks great, and oh my gosh the relief to see that little thing just pumping away at a perfectly normal 143 beats per minute!), his/her little nose and mouth (no markers for Downs Syndrome, and no evidence of cleft lip or palate). We got to watch the little one squirm and kick a little (I drank apple juice on purpose to give our little one a sugar high, lol... but it won't hurt him or her, so its fine. : ) We got to watch the baby for 17 minutes and 26 seconds... We bought a DVD with the ultrasound recorded on it. : )

The baby was laying on his or her tummy and wouldn't roll over... the technician was afraid I would have to ask for another ultrasound on my next appointment due to the fact that she couldn't see his/her heart clearly at first, and the baby wouldn't move off its tummy... so we didn't see the gender either. But like I said, the heart looks great. We did manage to get a decent view of his/her little heart. 4 good looking chambers. So, since we didn't see the gender, we get to be surprised. : ) I don't mind. We didn't have our hearts set on finding out. We were on the fence about wanting to or not wanting to, so we decided that if the baby wanted to show off his or her assets and cooperate, then we would find out. If the baby wanted to be shy and modest, then we wouldn't find out. We figured we would let the baby dictate that, since the show will be run by him or her for at least the next 18 years, so why not? LOL : )

Anyways, whatever we are having, we are SO THRILLED that our little one is happy and healthy. We are looking forward to having a good long life with our little wiggle worm. We will probably be making the baby registry around the 24th week of gestation, which will be on November 24th and beyond. I was 20 weeks for the ultrasound, which I think was funny because it was EXACTLY when it went from week 19 to 20. But maybe that's just me. Anyways, just thought I would up date... : )

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