Saturday, February 13, 2010

I hate not feeling good...

So I was going to go to a Folk Festival today, but woke up not feeling good so I decided to stay home. I have no idea why I am not feeling good SO often now a days, but don't have the money to get to a dr and find out. Though I am going to have to next month, so I can get another Rx for my anti depressants. I am hoping they will believe me that I don't have my job anymore, so they will knock down the price for me.

On the bright side, I thought it was pretty dang awesome that I got my friend request approved by Juliet Marillier, the author of some books my friend Amber and I love. So dang awesome. : D Happiness and cookies, that.

Called my mom today and said hi... But got frustrated with her and decided to get off the phone. Good thing it was on long distance minutes anyways, so I didn't have to think up an excuse. She told me that one of the Dr's that worked on Josua at the ER asked how I was doing. She told him I was doing great. When I mentioned that she didn't hear me sobbing... what was it, yesterday? Because I missed my son so much, she kind of blew me off and mentioned that it will stop soon and I will get over it. *shakes my head* You don't tell someone who has lost their child that they will "get over it". She should know, she has had several miscarriages and a still born or two. But then again, I do have to remind myself that she is 82, and having a lot of problems with dementia or Alzheimer's. So I need to sit back, breathe, and try to consider the source.

Today I looked up home made beauty treatments. I hope to try to make a face mask and a hair mask and go sit and soak in a warm bath when Michael gets home from work. Then I can relax and he can have fun playing his Evony online. I think I will probably get off soon, seeing as I have been on the computer for about 12 hours now... And I will go work on my little baby kimono wrap until Michael gets home, and see if I cant get a bit more done. : )

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